wholesale policies

You can also view our Wholesale Catalog here.

Order Minimums: For a limited time, place your opening order for only $200! You can also place re-orders for only $200 for a limited time.

Payment: Payment is due at the time of order for all Antique Candle Co.¬ģ wholesale purchases.¬†We¬†are now¬†partnering with Faire and¬†Credit Key to offer simple, monthly terms in seconds for your candle purchases!

Party/Ecommerce Sites: Listing Antique Candle Co.¬ģ candles on such sites as Ebay, Craiglist, Etsy, or Amazon is strictly prohibited. By accepting these policies, you authorize Antique Candle Co.¬ģ to have the right to contact such third party site and remove any listings with Antique Candle Co.¬ģ products.

Shipping: Any domestic candle order with a subtotal of $600 or more qualifies for free shipping‚ÄĒYAY! Orders to Canada with a subtotal of $1,200 or more also qualify for free shipping! (Please note: Canadian Wholesalers are required to pay all duties, taxes, + broker fees) Orders usually¬†ship within 2 business days or less¬†after payment is received. Shipping costs are based on¬†our negotiated UPS and FedEx shipping rates. Local pickup is available in Lafayette, Indiana. Please email wholesale@antiquecandleco.com¬†2 - 3 business days in advance to schedule a local pickup¬†and to receive the free shipping coupon.¬†

Returns/Exchanges/Defectives: Returns and exchanges of Candles may be accepted if adequate notice is received within 14 business days from purchase. Customer is responsible for shipping returns, and all related expenses. All products must be unaltered, and in the same condition as they were at the time of sale. Returns include a restocking fee totaling 10% of the product‚Äôs price at time of sale. Exchanges do not include a restocking fee. Defective candles will be refunded or replaced if reported within 90 days of purchase. Candles are considered defective based upon Antique Candle Co.¬ģ‚Äôs discretion.

Quality Expectations: Antique Candle Co.¬ģ candles are clean-burning, 100% vegan, sustainably-made, and should have an even burn from start to finish. Our Candle Crew works hard to ensure we are producing the highest quality candles that are hand-picked and hand-packed with care. Our in-house Quality Assurance team helps ensure the best quality candles for you and your customers. If you have any questions regarding the quality of our candles, please reach out at wholesale@antiquecandleco.com.

Candle Sample Requests: Please email wholesale@antiquecandleco.com with requests for candle samples before making an opening purchase.

Zip Code Exclusivity:¬†Antique Candle Co.¬ģ intentionally limits its availability and will provide zip code exclusivity to certain stores selling their products, subject to Antique Candle Co.‚Äôs sole discretion. Exclusivity is generally limited to one Active Store within each Zip Code, but factors such as customer demographic, target market, purchase history, etc. are also considered. In order to become an Active Store, and retain Zip Code Exclusivity, a store must:

  1. Apply for Zip Code Exclusivity;
  2. Place an opening order within one month from application’s approval; and
  3. Place a new order at least once a quarter (every three months)

Failing to complete the above may cause your store to be removed as an Active Store and lose Zip Code Exclusivity. If your store is moving or expanding out of your listed Zip Code, please let us know so that we can update your account.

Antique Candle Co.¬ģ reserves the right to deny exclusivity to applications at any time, and revoke exclusivity rights with 14 days‚Äô notice. Zip Code Exclusivity will not be provided to any stores located in Lafayette, Indiana.


We reserve the right to deny exclusivity access at any time, especially for those businesses that operate online, through catalog or franchise stores, or host occasional 'pop-ups.'

Resources: As a wholesale partner, you may use any images, pictures, or text from antiquecandleco.com as part of your marketing strategy. We want to help promote your new candle line to your customers!  Stock photos of our candles, signage, and our most recent catalog can always be found here.

Cancellation: Cancellation of any order before it’s shipped is subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Eligibility: By placing a wholesale order with Antique Candle Co.¬ģ, you certify that you are authorized to make tax-exempt purchases for purpose of resale. You further agree to indemnify and hold Antique Candle Co.¬ģ for any taxes or penalties owed should your order be found not tax-exempt. If you are an Indiana retailer, you may be required to submit a completed ST-105 form prior to purchase.


¬†Antique Candle Co.¬ģ has the right to terminate a partnership if any of the above policies are violated or for any other reason.

By placing an order, you are understanding and agreeing to adhere to these policies. You also agree to receive promotional emails with studio highlights such as new fragrances, products, sales, etc.

Date updated: April 2023