hello, friend!

We are SO excited you are here. Let us introduce ourselves!

dear friend,

I truly believe it's important to make a positive impact in the world and share that with others. A fragrant candle naturally does this by transforming a home into a more cozy and pleasant space. When you partner with Antique Candle Co.™, you share our goal to spread that simple, yet beautiful joy to homes near you.

Our team devotes their God-given talents and time to grow this business year after year and ensure you receive only the best in your store. The heart of each candle maker is what makes this company unique, and I am so grateful to share that with you through our soy candles hand poured right here in Lafayette, Indiana!

Thank you for joining us in our business journey.

Brittany, CEO + Founder
Romans 1:16

the company

Our fearless leader, Brittany, started Antique Candle Co.™ in 2014 with an idea, a business plan, and $200 worth of candle making supplies. Now, 6 years later, there’s a community of candle makers + candle friends. Co. stands for COMMUNITY and all the important values that encompass that simple word. Co. stands for COMPANY, as this is a company of candle makers.

Our greater mission is to share the love of Christ with all our candle friends. We believe He is the true light and we do everything for the glory of Him.

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile." Romans 1:16

the candle team

Our fun-loving candle team proudly curates farmhouse-inspired, quality candles! All 30 personalities come together to create the best work environment! But for real…it takes some pretty cool people to make and ship all the yummy smelling candles every day.

the candle studio

A team of candle makers hand pour and package each candle in Lafayette, Indiana. We work hard to ensure quality, artisan candles are delivered to your store with care for your customers to enjoy. We’re all about that happy mail, friend!

the candles

Every Antique Candle Co.™ candle is made with wax from natural, domestically grown soy beans and a hand-picked blend of non-toxic fine fragrance oils + essential oils. A natural cotton wick completes the candle for a clean, long-lasting, and even burn.

We love answering questions about our farmhouse soy candles, our Indiana studio, and the entire candle making process. Explore many of these questions and answers on our FAQ page.