How do I make tax-exempt purchases for wholesale?

In accordance with state and local tax laws in the United States, you may be eligible to submit a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. If this certificate is required to make tax-exempt purchases for resale in your state(s), submitting this certificate will allow qualified purchases to be non-taxable. You are not required to provide a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, but please note that you may be charged sales tax on your wholesale purchases if a valid certificate is not on file.

If you are charged sales tax and would like to submit a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to make tax-exempt purchases, please contact us and our support team will help you as soon as possible!

Note: We may not be required to collect sales tax in your state at this time. In this case, a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate is not required, but it may required for tax-exempt purchases in the future. Wholesale partners in Canada are also not required to submit a like certificate at this time.

What is your order minimum?

If you’re a new wholesale partner, the opening order minimum for new accounts is $300. The re-order minimum is $225.

How should I order during the holiday season?

This is PEAK candle season! We recommend placing your order 2 weeks in advance to ensure your candles arrive when you need them in the event of shipping carrier delays.